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Pet Insurance Comparison

At we have carried out a pet insurance comparison in Ireland to ensure that our pet insurance quotes are very competitively priced while still providing you with comprehensive pet health insurance cover. is a new quality pet insurance product protecting you against unforeseen financial circumstances relating to your pet, be it pedigree or non-pedigree Dogs and Cats. We give you a choice of three pet insurance policies to cater for different Irish household budgets. If you are considering Pet Health Insurance, have a look at our

pet insurance quotes

on our choice of available plans. Our Cover Levels are Essential (Accident & Third Party Liability Only), Premier (12 months cover of a medical condition) or Premier Plus (Lifetime cover of a medical condition) and provide you with different Pet Insurance Quotes to suit your budget.

Protecting your

pets health insurance

is important and can save you a lot of financial outlay should they need medical treatment so why not carry out your own pet insurance comparison and then go online or phone us today to arrange cover of your pet(s).